Bota Šare Mali Ston

MALI STON pelješac

1. restaurant

You can find restaurant Bota Sare, Mali Ston in narrow center waterfront, situated within old castle.Wide palette of oysters, fish, shellfish are prepared as per original local recipes that bring finger licking food to your table (ask for gradele, popara, buzara, brudet…). Do not miss to try local risotto, black risotto, and homemade bread from natural fire heated oven….

"… two old dusty books with recipes that were found in basement of their home were foundation of all recipes for Bota Sare dishes that are offered in this warm corner of Dalmatian coast. Our chefs find inspiration in those books to master their culinary art and have original dishes always available…"

2. contact

Tel: 020 / 754482
Radno vrijeme: od 11:00 do 24:00

Manager: TOMO ŠARE

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