BOTA ŠARE About us

Bozidar Sare has worked in hospitality and gastronomy for over 20 years. His business and life ideals originated in the late 1980s at a time when only the most persistent and hardworking people went into business with restaurants and catering to build their future.

Bozidar started out with a coffee place in Ston, followed by an eating pub in Doli, and then a tavern in Zaton Doli, on the road to Dubrovnik. He was always going forward, improving and perfecting his business.

He married a lady from Mali Ston and started building a family which today has eight members. Bozidar bought a medieval castle on the shore in Mali Ston and reconstructed it into an exceptional restaurant – the first out of the four Bota restaurants he owns today.

The Bota name comes from an old Dubrovnik name for arched ceilings.
From the very beginning the restaurant nurtured and favoured authentic Dalmatian specialties offering an impressive variety of dishes: oysters and other shellfish, crabs, and fish prepared using old south Dalmatian recipes from the time of the Dubrovnik republic; bread from the baker's oven, grilled fish, popara, buzara, black and Ston-style risottos, and many different sweets from the region.
The Sare family owns four restaurants, one in Mali Ston, one in Split and two in Zagreb. In 2004 Bota-Sare restaurant was hailed as the best restaurant on the Mediterranean.